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“I will manage everything if my mum is nearby”

Updated news regarding “baby-mum” project here!

mother and child

There is nothing more important in life of any child than mother.

We are proud to announce the launch of a new and unprecedented project at NBH designed for mums with a handicapped child.

The project is called:

“I will manage everything if my mum is nearby”

This project foresees the establishment of a rehabilitation department for mothers and their children with special needs.
After a woman gives a birth to a child and it turns out this child is disabled and requires special treatment, often she remains alone with her problems not knowing what to do and where to go to help her child, not even talking about psychological state of the mother herself. Too often the solution is: abandoned the child for later adoption.
Now NBH offers mothers to come and spend up to 2 months onsite, being helped by professionals regarding all questions: staring with psychological and ending with juridical help. Of course, specialists of NBH will take care of the child, offering all possible examinations and courses of rehabilitation and teaching the mother how to take care of the child in the future. Mothers will be able to attend all rehabilitation lessons of their children, ask NBH’s specialists questions and take first care of their child under the control of the specialist.

That main aims of the projects are:

  • provide necessary rehabilitation measures during the first months of that young life, based on individual needs of that particular child
  • improve quality of life of a child with special needs
  • increase the chances for complete recovery of that child with special needs
  • offer mother psychological help and teach her how to take care of her child and thus to prevent possibility that a child will be abandoned for adoption.
a doctor is teaching a mother to take care of her child

To be able to host children and their mothers we will need to rebuild one of the groups. The sleeping room and veranda will be divided into 5-6 little rooms so that a mother and her child will have a private sphere. All the other rooms of the group will remain as is and will be used as areas of common usage.
Olga Ivanovna counts with up to 5 women per months, which means up to 60 healthier children per year, who remained with their mothers.

The total cost of the project will be 300.000 hrv ~$10.000.
It is a huge amount of money but as always we hope that we will put our attempts together and manage to gather this money from different sources.

Update 14.7.2016
Good news, Olga found a local ukrainian sponsor to pay for 6 little bedrooms at a total cost of 200.000 hrv (which is about $8,000).
More good news, for the remaining part of the project, building works, sanitary, electric and anti-fire systems we have received generous donations from Les Amis the Svieta (Switzerland) and from Les Amis de Svieta (France) that covered part of the cost ($7,400)).
But, there is still money missing to finish the project: we are looking for sponsors for $2,300 to pay for electrical and anti-fire system.

Please help!
Little drops build huge rivers. If you can, please donate a few dollars and we will be able to finish this project on schedule!

Please help and visit this page to find out how you can donate!
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