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  1. Contactless digital thermometer for ZuBS

    About 200 young people are living at boarding school Zurupinsk (ZuBS) in Oleshky and all are physically disabled.
    Now because of the corona virus, the temperature of all children has to be checked several times a day, which is an almost impossible task.


  2. 2 boys went to Kiev

    Update 21.3.2020
    Little Maxim was also operated on successfully.
    The child is still weak but the doctors are confident that everything will be fine soon.


  3. Anti-Flu Vaccine for NBH & KrBH 2019

    We are pleased to announce that the two orphanages:
    – Nikolaev’s Baby House (NBH) and
    – Kremenchug’s Baby House (KrBH)
    have received flu and cold medicines in November 2019.


  4. Review of the year 2019

    In 2019 Les Amis de Svieta was very active in Ukraine and did a lot of useful and helpful projects.
    The main aim of which was to help Ukrainian orphans and improve their lives.

    • We want to provide little orphans with medical help. Special attention is paid to all such projects. Thus in 2019 for 7 children with their nurses made trips to Kiev’s hospitals. 4 of them went to Kiev for consultations, during which doctors prescribed or corrected the treatments.

  5. Happy New Year 2020 !!!!

    We heartily thank our donators and friends for their continuous support in 2019 and hope it will continue in 2020!
    Take it easy and relax during holidays in order to start 2020 full of spirit and energy.


  6. Maxim and Sofia need to go to Kiev

    The two children Maxim and Sofia have gastrointestinal tract disorders. They have to go to Kiev, to the same hospital. more

  7. Sofia and Valentin travelled to Kiev

    Last week two children Sofia and Valentin travelled with their nurses and Viktoriya to Kiev’s Cardio Center (KCC). Sofia went there for a big check after her last operation (January 2019). For Valentin it was the first visit; the specialists in Kiev were supposed to examin the boy and confirm the diagnose, suspected by Nikolaiev’s doctors. Both children passed necessary tests.


  8. Valentin needs to go to Kiev Cardio Center

    Director Olga from Nikolaiev Baby House (NBH) has asked Les Amis de Svieta to support a new boy, Valentin.

    Valentin was born mid February 2019 and was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease.


  9. Sofia needs to go to Kiev Cardio Center

    Update 16.4.2019
    We are glad to announce that in January 2019 the girl was successfully operated at Kiev‘s Cardio Center. After the operation Sofia and her nurse had to stay a few weeks at the hospital and in February they were let home. At the moment the child is doing well, gets all necessary rehabilitation courses to recover from the operation.
    We heartedly thank all our donators for having saved Sofia‘s life.


  10. Sofia needs our help

    Updated news 9.6.2019
    Good news: little Sofia was operated. Surgery was performed in two steps and now the girl has a new esophagus. Almost a month after surgery, the child is still in hospital, but it heals quickly.